Why engraved pet dog tags are a must for your pets

Pet dog tags are really very simple. They can be in almost any material and any color imaginable.

They’re incredibly easy to personalize, and are available in a huge range of prices.
You can pick one up cheap little at your local pet store, or you can order one online pet tags to your exact taste.

Dog tags for pets are flat and smooth, so they will not hurt your pet, but they may make a jingle noise as your pet moves. You can get a tag silencer, which is a small neoprene or rubber pouch, if the noise bothers your pet.

You can also find dog ID tags for pets in a whole range of shapes, from a simple flat disc, to one shaped like a bone, or a heart. Some sites will even be make you one to a custom specification.

id pet dog tags

Pet Dog Tags – The Law

Most places have laws that state that pets, particularly dogs, must wear a collar with a pet ID tag attached. The pet dog tags must have the pet’s name on one side, and the owners information on the other.

Some places will accept a telephone number, while others need the owners name, address and telephone number. A license ID tag should have the dog license number, and a microchip tag will show that the pet has a microchip, and its information can be found through the register.

engraved dog tags for pets

The custom engraved dog tags for pets serves two purposes. If anything should happen to your dog – if he gets lost or injured – if he has a pet dog tags, and is microchipped, then locating you won’t be very complicated. The pet dog tags will help get your pet back to you as soon as is possible. Also, the law in some places insists on pet ID tags because if a pet bites another dog, or person, his ID tag will show who is liable for the damage caused.

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Some organizations don’t recommend putting the pet name on the tag, because if there’s a dispute over ownership, then the real owner can’t use the name as a way to prove ownership. Many other organizations do recommend using the name, because for a frightened, or distressed dog, using his own name can help calm him, and make him feel safe.

For many people the thought of a much loved pet being lost, or stolen is devastating, so a ID pet dog tags can help prevent this and get the pet back home where it belongs.